Help Long Beach Grow

Dear Mrs. Obama: Please Help 
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Here’s what you can do to help see that

urban agriculture in Long Beach Grows.

  1. 1.JOIN us NOW

  1. 2.Read our petition.

  1. 3.Sign our petition, and ask your friends to sign too.

  1. 4.Write to your Long Beach City Council representative.

    To find your local council member, go to this link:

  1. 5.Tell your council member that you support urban  agriculture in Long Beach and that you support Long Beach Grows.

  1. 6.Ask your council member to expedite their work to facilitate and enhance urban agriculture in Long Beach.

  1. 7. Please cc

  1. 8. Make a donation.

  1. 9. Other ways to help us grow.

  1. 10. THANK YOU.